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The View From My Window

 ~ a personal journey through mental health

by Jackson Fisher

Mental health is a weird thing to deal with.

You go through so much on a day-to-day basis battling your illness and even after defeating so much the simplest things can be so difficult. Over the next little while through these blog entries, I will be explaining my life and sharing the battle within it that I’ve had with mental illness.

By looking back, it becomes obvious that my illness affected most of my life.  Despite that now being obvious, I wasn’t diagnosed until around my 16th birthday when it was determined I have an anxiety/panic disorder. Now I am 18 so my official battle has been going on for over two years. From very early in the 2+ years I knew I wanted to use my experience to help those in similar situations have an easier time. This blog is the first step for me to do that and yet it has taken me months to sit down and actually start writing.  In fact as I begin writing this, it is passed the date I would’ve liked to have been finished all of it by. Now, finally, underway I am going to tell these stories from my life.  Though you may not be able to connect to them all, hopefully you can learn somethings and ultimately, I just want you to have reassurance that the system will be able to help you and strengthen your hope that you will be better someday. After all, only a few years ago I was where you are likely now, scared, feeling hopeless and alone. By reading this series you’ve already taken the first step to get better because you are looking for help, don’t take that lightly, it is a huge step and I am proud of you for doing it.


Chapter 1     Hindsight can be both beautiful and cruel.   Click here to read the full chapter

Chapter 2    Things don't always go according to your plans.  Click here to read the full chapter

Chapter 3      I had gone from my highest point in life to my lowest. Click here to read the full chapter

Chapter 4     Surely this would lead towards seeking treatment, right? Click here to read the full chapter

Chapter 5    This one: Treatment and recovery to present Click here to read the full chapter

Chapter 6   “I’m not ashamed to say I’m mentally ill, but that doesn’t mean I’m mentally weak” . Click here to read the full chapter

Chapter 7   "I would have never guessed; you don't show it [mental illness] at all." Click here to read the full chapter

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