Lanark Child & Youth Advocacy Centre

The Lanark Child and Youth Advocacy Centre (LCYAC) is a collaborative service that brings multiple community partners together to address the needs of children and youth who are victims of, or witnesses to, sexual and physical abuse, as well as other serious crimes. Child and Youth Advocacy Centres exist, or are being set up, in a growing number of communities in Canada, and around the world. They are regarded as a leading practice in how to respond to child abuse cases.  

                                                                               The Lanark Child and Youth Advocacy Centre’s Vision

                                                                               Children and youth have a right to grow up free of violence in a safe, healthy                                                                                       and nurturing community. The Lanark Child and Youth Advocacy Centre                                                                                              delivers a service that promotes strength, healing, and resiliency in children,                                                                                        youth, and their families who have been affected by serious crime, violence, or                                                                                    abuse, and is sensitive to their unique needs by providing comprehensive                                                                                          seamless service and support.



It’s Mission

The Lanark County Child and Youth Advocacy Centre:

-Brings multi-sectoral partners together in one place to give children, youth and their families a safe, comforting and family-friendly space in which to start their healing journey.

-Provides advocacy, intervention and access to support services.

-Believes in providing a client-centred, trauma-informed system of support in which victims only have to tell their story once.

-Is dedicated to efforts to prevent child abuse and violence through education, awareness and change.               


What can a client expect at the Lanark and Youth Advocacy Centre?

A coordinated response and continuum of service that includes police

investigation, child protection, victim support and advocacy, and referral

to medical and mental health, as well as follow-up care.Collaboration

between agencies and a multi-disciplinary team that, includes

professionals, the child/youth, and family. Forensic interviews, conducted

by Police and/or child protection workers, are recorded to reduce the

number of times children/youth have to tell their stories.

Hopefully causing less trauma, and re-victimization.


Referrals are made by either the OPP, Smiths Falls Police Service, or Family Children Services of Lanark, Leeds, and Grenville. For more information, please contact the LCYAC at 1-877-232-8260 Ext. 434  


A Community Response

Working together with Open Doors for Lanark Children and Youth to develop the LCYAC are key community partners. They are: Lanark County OPP, Smiths Falls Police Service, Family and Children Services of Lanark, Leeds, and Grenville, Lanark County Crown Attorney, Victim Services Lanark County, Victim/Witness Assistance Program of Lanark County, Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital, Lanark County Interval House, Lanark County Situation Table Coordinator, Upper Canada District School Board, Catholic School Board of Eastern Ontario.


Open Doors for Lanark Children and Youth along with its community partners wish to thank Justice Canada for providing the grant, through the Victim’s Fund, for the development and piloting of the Lanark Child and Youth Advocacy Centre.

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