Consent for Service

All clients must read and agree with Open Doors for Lanrak Children and Youth's Consent for Service Policy

Children 12 and over have a right to confidential counselling.   We usually advise them to involve their parents but legally, they can get counselling without parental permission

Consent to Disclose and Obtain Information

If you would like health information to be shared with an agency other then Open Doors we ask that you read our Consent to Disclose and Obtain Information

Consent to Transmit Information Via Text

Would you like to request and agree to the use of text messaging as a way to communicate with your worker? Please read our Consent to Transmit Informaion Via Text Message

Custody and Access Information 

When the parents of a child are not living together and both parents have legal custody and/or there are legal proceedings to establish custody and/or legal custody has not been established we ask that parents read our Custody and Access Information Sheet