Our services are voluntary. 

Services are provided without fee to clients, as we are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

Anyone can make a referral for a child or youth under the age of 18 – self, parents or guardians, family doctors, schools or other service providers - who feel, in discussion with the youth or family, that the child, youth or family would benefit from our services. 

A doctor’s referral is not required.​

Please note, for children under the age of 12, consent from all custodial parents\guardians is required.

Custody and Access Parent Information Sheet

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SELF-REFERRAL: A child or youth over age 12 making a self-referral

CHILD-REFERRAL: A parent or caregiver referring a child

THIRD PARTY REFERRAL - A referral from physicians, schools or other 3rd party referrals

Is the child/youth at imminent risk for harm to self, others or is their personal safety at risk?

IF YES, do not continue with completing this form. Please contact the appropriate crisis services

(call 911, Hospital, Police, CAS, Shelter).