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 all with the goal of promoting wellness and helping you manage tough emotions and situations!

Today, Kaili explains self-regulation and discusses 4 different ways to incorporate and practice it in your home. Enjoy!

Daniel focuses on the topic: Mindfulness of Sound! We hope you can find a point in your day to practice mindfulness.

Sandra discusses deep breathing.


Erin discusses some strategies for

co-parenting through COVID-19.


To go along with the theme of the week, Daniel will be discussing


May 6, 2020

Happy Children's Mental Health Week from the Open Doors for Lanark Children and Youth staff.
This week, we recognize your hard work, dedication and growth and are honoured to be a part of that journey!


Today, Katie discusses grief and how to manage the complex feelings that arise from different forms of loss during the pandemic.

Learn about Parenting Through Connection and the PACE method in a role play with Sandra and Allison.