Counselling Program

When families, children or youth need help to address mental health worries or concerns, an Open Doors Counsellor can help.


Counsellors assess how factors in a child or family members' life might be affecting their well-being, and are able to propose a treatment plan to help address those factors. They can deliver services in a way best suited for that individual group.


Counselling can take many forms, and usually involves children and their families working together to sort through difficulties and solve problems. Most counselling services are successfully completed within three months.


Sometimes other systems that support children's growth and well-being, like school staff or health services providers , are part of the treatment process. Sometimes parents or youth are invited to take part in a group or a workshop. Sometimes other specialized services - like psychiatry - are part of the service. It almost always includes some education information sharing and skill building.


We all have to deal with difficulties in our lives, but sometimes we cannot seem to resolve a difficulty without additional resources. Counselling can help when:

  • Sadness, depression, or anxiety are getting the better of a child or youth.

  • Loss or change has left everyone struggling.

  • A child or family has had to deal with confict or trauma.

  • A family is unsure how to manage the mental health or behavioral changes that their child is going through.

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