Early Years Program

The Early Years Program is a specialized counselling service available for families with infants and children through to their seventh birthday. Our team includes specialists in child development, behaviour management and mental health. Early Years counselling services can help make sure that, if something seems "off track", you have what you need to set it right. Early Years research shows us that children will grow up mentally well and healthy when we ensure they feel safe and cared for; are supported to develop good relationships with caregivers and others; understand the limits and boundaries around them; and have their particular needs addressed. We provide focused, individualized services to ensure parents and caregivers are well-equipped to support their child to grow up mentally healthy and well.


The Early Years Team can help with:

  • Development and temperament

  • Building healthy attachment

  • Promoting positive behaviour

  • Connecting to other key services

  • Putting all pieces together

  • The transition to daycare or school

  • Dealing with the impact of difficult life events