We can now offer phone, video or in-person sessions.

Clients calling for services will be offered single sessions either by video, phone or in-person (in-person depends on office availability at the time of booking)


The "talk-in" clinic at Open Doors for Lanark Children for Youth offers single sessions of solution-focused counselling right when you need help getting

“un-stuck” from a difficult place. The clinic is here to meet the needs of those who are motivated to create change in their lives and need help to do so. The benefits of virtual walk-in sessions include:

  • processing during your appointment a difficult situation in real-time

  • developing a new perspective on a complex issue and feeling more empowered to overcome it

  • discovering coping strategies which draw from your own strengths and abilities

  • rediscovering helpful techniques, strategies, and supports that have worked for you in the past


The talk-in clinic may be accessed by children and youth (aged 0-18) and their families, as well as by parents requiring support. 

You can call for an appointment as often you need.

However, you must be in Ontario to receive telephone or video sessions.

To arrange for a virtual walk-in session, call us toll-free at 1-877-232-8260.

Girl Checking Her Phone

Talk-In Single Sessions Now Available Virtually or In-Person